Welcome to Thuryl's Blades of Exile, and Possibly at Some Point in Time Blades of Avernum, Page, With an Excessively Long and Now Outdated Acronym! If you don't know what Blades of Exile and Blades of Avernum are, please allow me to direct you to Spiderweb Software, makers of these fine shareware RPG design systems for both Macintosh and Windows.

At the moment, this site includes download locations for my BoE scenarios and a list of the default item graphic sheets for BoA. I hope you find my site useful; just don't ask how to pronounce its title.

Many thanks to Matt "Djur" Boeh of the Desperance Network for hosting this site.

My BoE Scenarios


A BoE implementation of the classic text-based game Hunt the Wumpus. You are trapped in a cave with some truly bizarre geometry, with one arrow and one target for it. Can you brave the hazards of the cave and hunt down the Wumpus?

This scenario was the winner of the Don't Fix The Shark Contest, a BoE contest which required authors to place limitations on themselves. Hunted! contains no text messages, no monsters or combat, and takes place entirely in one town. It's entirely frivolous, but good for a few minutes of amusement.

Status: Released. Latest version: 1.0.1

Download location: Download Hunted! for Macintosh or Windows (18 kB)


You awaken outside a mansion with no memory of your identity. Who are you and how did you come to be here? Only time will tell, but for you time may be running out.

Status: Released. Latest version: 1.1.1

Download location: Because Roots is provided with a prefabricated party, separate versions have been provided for Mac and Windows. Be sure to play the scenario using the party provided in the file named "Dirac" (Mac) or "dirac.sav" (Windows). Using any other party will ruin the plot.

Download Roots for Mac (142 kB)

Download Roots for Windows (137 kB)


Item Sheets

A GIF file listing all the default BoA item graphic sheets. Several item graphics are "orphans" (not used for any of the default BoA items), which means that to use them you'd normally have to mess around in the BoA data files to find their sheet number. This file is designed to save you the trouble of doing that. It can be found below:

Item Sheets (124 kB)

Graphic Adjuster (by Niemand)

This program was written by Niemand, who has graciously allowed me to host it here for him. It's for Macintosh only, and can open up a BoA scenario custom graphics file (or a BoA default graphics file) and adjust any of the graphics in them. If you want to experiment with what icon_adjust fields work best for a particular graphic, this is the utility for you.

Download Graphic Adjuster for Mac (46 kB)